Philosophy of Care

Core Elements

  • Provide a very high quality of care facilities
  • Enhance the quality of life through the facilities and environment created;
    mentally, physically and emotionally
  • Provide a safe, hygienic and stimulating environment
  • Ensure that the privacy, dignity, independence, choice and rights of the residents are always maintained.
  • The needs and aspirations of the residents to be identified and fulfilled.
    This is to be done by working in partnership with the families of residents, staff who are adequately trained, government agencies and community ambassadors.
  • The above is to be achieved by hiring first class people who are qualified, trained, and experienced in all aspects o elderly care.


  • The property; its structure, characteristics, building and scope for development. Under the new guidelines of the Care Standards 2000, the compliance in terms of room size, communal space, etc. needs to be looked at.
  • The staff structure; training, experience availability, stability and comfort levels of the service users when interacting with the staff.